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Start fresh on your path to a brandnew financial future. This assessment is designed to take you less than 10 minutes. The sacred money archetype program provides the foundation for understanding how our ingrained, subconscious thoughts about money can affect our success in attracting wealth and prosperity. Chakras and their archetypes symbol chakra positive archetype negative archetype emotional issues seventh crown top of acceptance head beauty, spirituality, connection with the divine source guru acknowledges divine source of self and grace come from within, mastery egotist narcissistic, boastful and ungrateful proud arrogant inner light sixth.

Your primary archetype identifies your sacred money contract and financial purpose. Sacred money archetypes assessment welcome to an opportunity to create enormous synchronicity in your relationship with money. Sacred money archetypes assessment minette riordan, ph. The eight money types in money coaching, as developed by deborah price and the money coaching institute are as follows. Geld archetype test jeanet bathoorn vrijheidsondernemer en. Knowing your primary archetypes will unlock what makes you tick when it comes to money. Sacred money archetypes and action session lori wayne. Kendall summerhawk sacred money archetypes training program download, includes complete doneforyou sacred money archetypes exercises, handouts. You know how to use money to enjoy your life, and often spend it because you feel you deserve it or you want to indulge the people you care about.

An archetype map for strong men to survive and find the hidden value of their purpose. Youll learn all about your unique strengths and challenges with money, and discover an easy way to get started creating a fresh money story, on the spot. Archetype quiz denise duffield thomas lucky money quiz. The eight money types the money coaching institute. The idea here is for you to be set free of being hooked into, get triggered and caught into the trap of money challenges. And our mindsets around money can make or break our success.

Ive already used some of what i have learned to make some big business decisions that i was feeling kind of stuck on ie. Learn about the advocate archetype advocate topics. I will commit fully to a cause, even if it means pledging my time, energy, and money in order to make a difference. Discover how your archetypes unique challenges are impacting your business, life and relationships. Im taranicholle nelson, founder and ceo of soultour. You will complete your assessment and post your assessment summary in your private client portal.

The innocent takes the ostrich approach to money matters. The sacred money archetypes assessment identifies your money patterns and categorizes them into archetypes. To help you understand and fulfill the terms of your sacred contract, you have been encoded with a set of 12 primary archetypes. Write down every company or person who owes you money and the amount they owe. Sma assessment z260 zero2sixty performance coaching. Troubleshoot the money blind spots that are likely causing an invisible ceiling on your income. Your lowest archetypes is your shadow archetype this is the one that offers you perhaps the biggest opportunity for a breakthrough. Take the free sacred money archetypes quiz and get my personalized recommendations for you and your business. Rewrite your money story create a magical business. We see them reflected in recurring images in art, literature, myth, and religion, and we know they are archetypal because they are found everywhere, in all times and places.

May 26, 2016 the first thing i did was ask her to take a quick sacred money archetypes assessment. In this short video ill talk to you about the challenges and. Denises course all about sacred money archetypes is open now and i can tell you, it is awesome. Discover your sacred money archetype to crack the code of your money personality. Todays class is understanding your sacred money archetypes. Money archetype scores are from highestype scores are frompe scores are frpe scores are frocores are mhhi. Your sacred money archetype scores are from highest to lowest. Are you a sacred money archetypes nurturer zero2sixty. Is becoming a certified sacred money archetypes coach right for you. Surprisingly, this invisible ceiling exists at every income level. Our favorite tool for coaching your clients to get crystal clear about what they. Sacred money archetype quiz with deirdre amies deirdre amies. Make sure you have your sacred money archetypes handout ready. The power of knowing your sacred money archetypes inspiring.

Resources be the light coaching be the light coaching. A simple yet powerful and assessment which will identify your sacred money archetypes. Jun 20, 2018 email me here for your copy of the sacred money archetype assessment created by kendall summerhawk. For a detailed description of over 70 archetypes, click here. Clearing money clutter you know if it is money clutter because it feels unfinished, unresolved, messy and complicated, or its something youve been avoiding. Start fresh on your path to a brandnew financial future with the freedom, impact, and lifestyle you really want.

Sacred money archetypes assessment guidelines knowing your money archetypes provides the foundation of your behaviour and habits involving your relationship with money this assessment will identify your traits and characteristics so that you can play to your. I have been all over the place because i have a million ideas and havent picked just one. As a result of taking this 10 minute quiz, you will start the journey to understanding your unique relationship with money and how to create financial abundance based on your specific money personality. Finances are probably one of the most important issues in everyones life. Learn how sacred money archetypes coaching can help you end your finacial. Oct 31, 2017 when you understand how to use the strengths of your sacred money archetype, you can change not just your income, but your life.

A stepbystep program, available in 3 formats, leading you through the discovery of your sacred archetype and how it can positively impact your life and business by unlocking the money puzzle. Money mindset breakthrough, reveal your sacred money archetypes, clear blocks deep in your subconcious keeping you in a struggle relationship with. Sacred money archetypes reading power up your marketing. We will talk about the archetypes, what they are and how they work. I discovered that my sacred money contract is to create huge amounts of income from my ideas. A fascinating assessment of what your sacred money archetypes are. Learn your personal money code and get my customized recommendations for you and your business. The goal in this body of work is to help you to be empowered by creating greater alignment with your sacred money archetypes. You are moments away from discovering your your sacred money archetypes. What does your sacred money archetype say about you. Take the quiz to discover your secret money archetype and master your.

Sacred money archetypes are a symbolic metaphor to help us understand these behaviours and patterns. On the sacred money archetypes training you will discover your financial purpose, and learn how to overcome the challenges and transform the patterns by aligning your archetypes with your dreams. Archetypes have existed since ancient times all the way to the modern era, famously used in the work of carl jung. We are aided in our journey by inner guides, or archetypes, each of which exemplifies a way of being. Email me here for your copy of the sacred money archetype assessment created by kendall summerhawk. Assessments for discovering the archetypes active in your.

I feel a lovehate relationship with money i project an image of wealth and success that often doesnt match my bank account balance i believe its greedy or not spiritual to focus too much on money its easier for me to spend money on things like jewelry, restaurants, vacations, etc. Ive been talking a lot in our facebook group about denises new quiz and program, and i was so intrigued by my results that i. Im delighted youre curious about sacred money archetypes and your unique money code. You will receive the free assessment, along with a sample set of the archetype cards so you can start learning more about your strengths and challenges right away.

Minette, i want to take the sacred money archetype assessment to help me empower my relationship with money. As you work with my book sacred contracts, you will keep notes on each of the significant contracts in your life. Change the way you perceive money and the way you receive it will change too sacred money archetypes assessment guidelines knowing your money archetypes provides the foundation of your behaviour and habits involving your relationship with money this assessment will identify your traits and characteristics so that you can play to your. When youre aware of your sacred money archetypes youll begin to make better financial decisions, understand where and why youre getting stuck, and know what you need to do to break through money blocks and welcome more money into your life. Chakras and their archetypes envision integrative therapies. On receipt of your payment, you will be given access to the create a magical business member site where you will be able to download your sacred money archetype assessment. It can come in the form of a challenge at work, the dissolution of an old relationship or the formation of a new one. Hopefully you have already taken the short assessment and have your archetypes in front of you.

You will receive a beautiful set of sacred money archetypes cards for your ongoing use and reference. This powerful work is all about how to unlock your money potential the sacred money contract you are destined to fulfil so you can have a huge impact on the world, while making all the money your heart desires. The other two archetypes gifts help support and strengthen the challenges of your primary archetype. Identify your 3 money archetypes to create more flow for your. Drinks on fire cheesy finance is licensed to hold workshops about sacred money archetypes. We will schedule a 60 minute call where we will dive deep into your sacred money archetypes, unlocking what makes you tick when it comes to money. Sacred money archetypes tm academy of holistic modalities. Your archetypes create a personality framework that help explain how you feel about and manage money. Kendall summerhawk sacred money archetypes training program. This assessment should only take you 10 15 minutes. Gentle yet courageous coaching from meggin throughout your halfday experience and. Empowered direction on the steps to take for positive outcomes. A highly transformational sacred money alignment tool that you can use on a daily basis to change how you embrace and work with money.

And they can be used when dealing with money there are 8 money archetypes developed by k. You will learn your top 3 sacred money archetypes, your sacred money contract, the gifts and the challenges of your top 3 archetypes and how to use this information to align. The alchemist, the nurturer, the celebrity, the accumulator. An insightful interpretation and explanation of your results. Sacred contracts and your archetypes caroline myss. Financial growth through sacred money archetypes training. Innocents often live in denial, burying their heads in the sand so they wont have to see what is going on around them. Four of these are universal archetypes related to survival. Knowing your archetype gives you a tool to help you make big shifts in your life.

Are you ready to discover your sacred money archetypes, revealing the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income and secure your financial freedom and future. Free sacred money archetype assessment and archetype. A powerpacked 60minute private oneonone readingsession with yours truly. I am an empire builder but i dont focus on something long enough for it to grow roots. The idea is that after doing the quiz, you have a top3 that make up the core of your main moneypersonality. First well go through a oneonone in depth assessment to help you discover your sacred money archetypes. What are the sacred money archetypes there is so much transformation that can happen by creating alignment with the sacred archetypes.

Money mindset breakthrough programme sharyn swan, the dot. Contact each of those companies or people and find out where your money is. May 29, 2017 i was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview denise duffieldthomas about the sacred money archetypes. At any given moment or choice point your contract may provide you with an opportunity for growth. The opportunity to align yourself with your newlygained insight. She tallied her assessment results and found she is predominately a nurturer. They are a powerful insight tool to help us discover. Discovering the 4 pillars of sacred money archetypes, you can melt away any resistance, internal conflict, confusion, doubts or fears preventing you from surging ahead financially. Its a fun assessment which offers some serious assistance in the area of money. I have found working with the sacred money archetypes to be such a transformative gift in my work with my clients. I already knew where her personality was inclined regarding money, her passions and worldview, but she didnt know what made her tick. How to expertly deliver the sacred money archetypes assessment 1on1, in groups.

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